Update from the CEO: New Year, Meaningful Changes

In January, we’ll release the most important update to Poll Everywhere since we created the first web-based audience response system in 2007. It’s a substantial change, based on years of input from our customers. What we’ve been building Audiences voting on a multiple choice question should just be able to text A, B, C, etc., […]

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Web Audience Response System Comparison

The Web Audience Response System Comparison Chart Since we released the hardware comparison chart in 2008, there have been a number of notable new products in the web based audience / classroom response system space; copying and  improving on the technology we invented in 2007.  So we felt it was time to create what we […]

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What could you do with this $93,500 spent on clickers?

The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) came under fire yesterday for the amount of money spent on a recent in person gathering. Specifically, they spent nearly $100,000 on a hardware based clicker system “multi media presentation!” We applaud NYCHA for gathering their entire 12,000 person team together and having the courage to ask some really […]

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State of the ‘Art’ Audience Response System

Starting the week with a bang! Check out our new office sculpture. Check out more at the glorious Museum of Clicker Curiosities.

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